Home Improvements Ideas

Choosing the Right Home Improvement Project

Homes are not set it and forget it investments and require constant renovations and repairs to maintain their value and appreciate. Having said that, not all home improvements are created equal. There are projects that are essential to maintain the survival of a home, such as cleaning up after a flood or after a fire, and renovations that expand or improve on the home and its overall property value.

More than pure financial logic is needed to select the right improvement for your home. Inspiration goes a long way to selecting the right job. There are many considerations associated with choosing home improvement jobs and here are some tips on choosing jobs that will benefit a homeowner, both in the short and long-term.

Prioritizing Home Renovation Jobs

The first step that a homeowner should take is ranking and prioritizing the different projects that they have. Home renovation jobs that are essential and require immediate resolution to in order to get your home in tip-top shape should take priority over projects that are less essential and are more long-term in nature.

Homeowners are best off creating lists of jobs with estimated costs and available funds, in addition to the benefits of the jobs, and tackling those jobs that can provide the most value for the project. It is better to choose home improvement jobs that tackle an issue in your home proactively rather than put stop gaps in place. Treat the cause of the problem versus the symptoms. If your home has poor water heat, a new hot water boiler maybe a home renovation that pays long-term dividends rather than stop-gap measures that don’t yield real-time solutions.

Understand Your Own Timeline

If you are looking to fix up your home for a quick sale of the home, the nature of the jobs that you undertake will be very different than those you would take if you are living in your home for the long-term and using your inspiration to guide you. Understand your timeline for living in the home and whether you are looking to improve the home primarily for cosmetic or property value reasons or to improve your experience while living there.

Improving Your Kitchen

The most expensive jobs are those that involve the kitchen due to the relative cost of the individual items that are in the room, such as the kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances. These components are costly to move around and relocate and can yield significant costs associated with them. However, given that you use your kitchen multiple times a day and a kitchen will contribute to your eating habits, it is a worthwhile expense in many circumstances. Invest in your kitchen by opening up space into your dining room and creating an open kitchen space, by creating a kitchen island and routing your stove and sink to it and installing new cabinets and countertops. This project is costly but can be a great addition to your overall home’s property value while being a functional improvement as well, with the proper inspiration to drive you.