Home Improvement Grants

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Apply for a home improvement grant

What is a home improvement grant?

Improvement grants are offered by several government departments with the sole purpose of improving the lives of Americans through adequate and safe housing. The home improvement grant is a credit to allow homeowners without the finances they need to repair their home.

Why should I apply for a grant?

If you are in need of home repairs or due to illness or injury are having a hard time navigating your home, then you should be applying for help.  The money is there to help people in need and to improve your overall wellbeing by living in a clean and safe home. Year after year, Americans are found to be living in poor conditions and in unsafe homes because they cannot afford the cost of repairs.  Help is out there, apply for it today. These programs are subject to finances meaning they look to see what your finances are before offering you assistance.

How do I apply for a grant/what are the guidelines for qualifying?

The following agencies offer home repair assistance.

1. HUD (Housing and Urban Development) HUD.GOV

An application can be found online to apply for assistance. In order to qualify for the assistance, you must meet the following guidelines.

– You must be the owner of the house and occupy the residence
– You must have tried and been unsuccessful in getting a loan to pay for the repairs
– Your income must be below 50% of the median income in your area
– To qualify for a grant versus and loan you must be 62 or older and have no means to repay a repair loan.

The maximum grant is $7,500 and the maximum loan is $20,000. There are other programs available and ones that specifically target the Native American population.

2.  VA ( Veterans Affairs) VA.GOV

The VA offers a Specially Adapted Housing grant known as SAH. To qualify for the program, you must meet the following guidelines.

– You must have lost the use of both arms or both legs
– Suffer blindness
– Have severe burns
– Be a 9/11 survivor

For a full breakdown of the qualifications see the application form at VA.GOV. The max grant the program offers $39,669. There are also loans offered if one does not qualify for a grant.

Other organizations offering assistance include the following.

– HOME investment partnerships program
– USDA Single-family home repairs and grants
– Native American Housing Improvement Program

Benefits.gov is an excellent place to begin when looking from home assistance improvement grants and has all the resources needed to support you on the journey to home improvement. Asking for help to fix your home is never easy, but please reach out and take this positive step for your family and your overall health. The government has so much grant money sitting there waiting to be used by deserving people who need help to change their lives. Don’t let the programs go unused. Utilize these resources to improve your life and help make a better America through quality housing and happy healthy lives.