Popular Home Improvement Projects

Most Popular Home Improvement Projects of 2019

Home improvement projects are a great investment for homeowners to do. There are many different things you can do to your home in order to not only raise the value but make it more comfortable for you and your family to live in. This year some of the most popular home renovation projects included kitchen renovations, bathroom reno’s, replacing windows and doors and finishing basements.

Kitchen Renovations
Kitchen renovations prove to be about 80% of the renovations that people generally do to their homes. Kitchens are the most expensive to remodel but also turn the highest profit if you’re looking for resale. When creating a brand new kitchen people get their inspiration from various different places and in different ways. Some like to get ideas from home improvement magazines, HGTV, or even from other people’s kitchens. When doing a kitchen renovation, you must be prepared for a very large and very expensive endeavor. Make sure to plan for the cost of the cabinets, flooring, lights and even plumbing which adds a lot to your underlying costs and will need to be accounted for.

Bathroom Renovation
Renovating your bathroom is another really great way to increase the value of your home which is why it gains a spot on our topmost popular home improvement projects of the year. Not only is renovating a bathroom cheaper than doing an entire kitchen, it is also less invasive and makes a huge impact on the comfort of your home. With bathroom renovations you are able to have fun and choose the different types of styles and bathroom fixtures that appeal to you while also staying on budget. Inspiration can come from other common bathroom remodels, showrooms and even on home and garden channel on t.v. Be careful however if you are renovating the bathroom to sell the home, make sure it is a commonly used style and design in order to make it widely appealing to most people.

Window and Door Replacements
The third most common home renovation effort that people typically do is replacing the windows and doors. With all new technology and sturdier windows and door frames out today people are starting to see the benefit of replacing their old windows with new, insulated ones that can help better regulate the inside temperature of the home and therefore save on heating and gas bills. Not only will new windows and doors help lower the cost of your utility bills but they look really great too and can really make your home look more modern and up to scale.

Finishing Basements
Finally, a home renovation that was widely done by homeowners this year is finishing basements. More and more people are getting into the idea of finishing a basement and better utilizing that space. Basements are great for after school hangouts for your kids, pool tables, mini bars and even extra storage space if that’s what you need. By finishing a basement, you can add usable square footage to your home without having to go to the trouble and cost of adding an additional room to your house.

So, this year if you ever get the inspiration to do something new and innovative to your home, try one of these most popular home renovation ideas to get the most out of your investment and better enjoy your home.