Car Dealerships

Car dealerships- Good for you?

You’re on the bus to work and it passes your local car dealership every day. You see those beautiful cars in the lot and wish you could drive off the lot with one. You could drive to work, get groceries, maybe even go out now and then. This is where car dealerships come into play. If you do it right, then you can drive off with a great car, a great deal and a whole new set of possibilities. So, should you buy new or used?

New car dealerships

A new car dealership may have cars that barely have mileage on them. They’re new, have great warranties, and are ready for you. The reason that new car sales are high is that there is less trouble in buying them over a used car. New cars don’t have a history to them. There’s typically a pretty good warranty on new vehicles. Sometimes this covers the first few oil changes and other things. A new car is also easier to finance for dealerships. This means that they can keep steel moving on their lot and getting satisfied customers in vehicles they love. Now, a new car isn’t for everyone, and you need to think about the responsibility of paying your new car. This means keeping up on payments that will be consistent but worth it.

The used car lot

The guys that work these lots have a really hard job. They have to put up a less than desirable reputation while putting qualified customers in great vehicles. If you don’t want to take out a large loan for a new car, then getting a used car may be the option for you. Used car prices can also be so low that a customer may even be able to pay out of pocket. This is also why used car sales are sometimes on par with new car sales. Not only is it cheaper to buy used but you also get less depreciation on a used car. The benefits of going to this type of dealer are that you pay less for a car, have a cheaper monthly payment, and you may even get into a pretty cool retro vehicle.

Which is for you?

So now that you have a few details on new and used car lots you can determine which one fits you better. Regardless of new or used you still get a few perks of going to a dealership. Financing and warranties are the biggest positives of going to a dealer. These two things are something that you just don’t get buying a car from your neighbor or off craigslist. The people that work at a dealership are invested in you getting a car that you love, fits your budget and opens up options for you. Like any business, these places often thrive on a positive reputation and referrals from satisfied customers. So give your local dealer a chance and drive off with a great car.