Cost of Maintenance: How Much Does it Cost to Keep Your Car in Shape?

Most people may be shocked to find out that the upkeep of your car doesn’t cost that much. If anything, it takes more of your time than money. Your goal is to become as familiar with your car as much as possible. This way you can catch little things that might cost you a lot in repairs. This can be anything from the interior seats to the tire on the outside. Whatever you situation may be, here are some things to show you how much it can cost to keep your car looking new. 
Over a period of time, our headlights will become dingy and often time make you think they are not even on. You can stop by detailing places and get them scrubbed down professionally for under $30. Some have even said that toothpaste does the job as well. The goal is to do your own research and see what works best. This should be down before you do anything to your headlights. You don’t want to damage them on some quick fix thing that turns out to not work at all. If you are tight on money, you can always consider loans to finance your car maintenance.  
Seat covers 
Most of know by now that our seat covers can become really nasty over a period of time. This can be from food stains, spilled coffee or just having a lot of passengers over the years. Invest in some seat covers that match the interior of your car that can cost no less than $20. Most people think they have to go high end when it comes to their interior seats but it’s not necessary. There are plenty of seat covers at parts shop that can keep your car looking trendy. The goal is to recognize when its time to get the seat covers.  
You should make a habit to do weekly if not monthly maintenance on your car. Check everything from tire treads, to scratches on the paint or how it is running. The reason for this is so you can catch small issues that can blow up into big ones. You can create a spreadsheet of what need to be checking. Buying oil and keeping it in your car to save your engine. Oil cost comes in at $5 to $6 for most cars. That’s pretty inexpensive versus having to fix an engine starving for oil at $2500. Replace one tire at a time as you see they are wearing can be good for your car. You might even need to do two at a time. Most tire shops will balance car tires for free.  
Keeping a car in shape isn’t difficult if you go about it correctly. There are many inexpensive things you can buy for your car to keep it looking new. Do as much research about your particular car as you can. This will help you know what you can add to your car to maintain its overall look. Consider taking out a loan to cover your costs if your car is high end.