Best New Car Makes/Models

There are thousands of Americans who are in the market for new cars. Many of those individuals have found additional options other than the traditional automobiles. These new options include the purchase of electric vehicles. The electric vehicle revolution has made a profound entrance into the traditional automobile industry. Electric car models are becoming more popular than vehicles that run on gas. Is this a fad or is this the wave of the future? Are electric cars the next cool thing or are they quickly becoming a necessity? These are some of the questions consumers must ask themselves before making the decision to purchase new cars.

Buying a new vehicle can be an extremely exciting adventure. Buying a new electric vehicle can be even more exciting. Consumers are stepping out of their comfort zone and making the decision to go with electric vehicles. Drivers are making the decision to forgo the cost of gas and higher maintenance cost; they prefer the option of having the ability to choose. Some examples of new electric car models include: the Tesla Model 3, the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Bolt EV.

The Tesla Model 3 features dual motors. This allows drivers to switch between motors. It can go as fast as 162 miles per hour, it has an acceleration rate of 3.2 seconds and can travel up to 322 miles on one charge. This automobile takes 15 minutes to charge and has over 14,000 superchargers. It allows the owner to gain entry using their smartphone.

The Nissan Leaf is a 100% electric vehicle. This automobile has been deemed as the best-selling vehicle in its class. The Leaf allows drivers up to 226 miles on one charge, has quick acceleration and allows an automobile owner to start the car using their smartphone. It has two versions and gives consumers the ability to choose. It also gives the consumer 2 price points that can easily fit within their budget.

The Chevrolet Bolt EV has an affordable price tag starting at $36,000. It features a travel range of 238 miles per charge and offers a federal tax credit up to $1,800. This car requires minor maintenance such as tire rotation and replacement of air filters. Chevrolet offers home charging stations; this gives owners the ability to charge their cars from the comfort of their home.

Gas powered automobiles are becoming a thing of the past and electric car models are rapidly meeting the demands for the more budget conscious auto consumer. Electric cars are proving to be more convenient and more efficient. Consumers have found a way to incorporate these automobiles into their everyday lives. Electric automobiles are providing further travel on one charge and giving consumers more flexibility.

Consumers are definitely keeping electric automobiles in the conversation while making the decision to purchase new cars. The excitement for electric vehicles continues to rise. Consumers are finding they have more options than just buying the traditional vehicle that consumes gas and requires higher maintenance costs.