Luxury SUVs

With millions of vehicles on the nation’s highways, it is easy to see that the most popular of these is the SUV. These vehicles have increased the growing potential because they are a very versatile vehicle, and they come in many different sizes. All of the major automobile manufacturers make SUVs which have surpassed cars in sales over the last few years. The SUVs are made in small sizes, mid-size, and larger sizes in order that they be convenient for the needs of the many different drivers. Although the small and mid-size SUV are the most common, the sales of the larger, luxury SUVs are showing a demand for more inventory.

Many of the luxury Sports Utility Vehicles are made by manufacturers that helped build the auto industry in the United States. These include Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC. The best Sports Utility Vehicles has a combination of comfort, performance, space, and technology. They offer features that include connectivity, safety, and acceleration.

1. The new design of the Mercedes Benz GLE provides balanced performance, cutting edge technology, and an experience for travelers that is luxurious, and authentic. This is among the top-ranking mid-size SUV on the market. The safety technology and infotainment system are state of the art, and they are V8 powered.

2. The mid-size BMW X5 also ranks among the top in the luxury SUV class. It has a strong engine performance, upscale interior, and refined handling. It has powerful engines, and the infotainment system is user friendly. The BMW also has a larger cargo area.

3. The Lexus RX 350 also ranks in the top half of the luxury midsize Sports Utility Vehicles. This SUV has many standard safety technologies, a smooth almost pillow soft ride, and a V6 engine that is highly potent. This SUV is less sporty than many of its rivals, but the cabin is very upscale. Lexus sales have grown in recent years. This is more for the SUV than for the cars.

4. The Lincoln Nautilus is the SUV that replaced the Lincoln MKX. It ranked in the tip half of Sports Utility Vehicles as soon as it made its debut. This is a comfortable cruiser with a cabin that is very well built. The Nautilus ranks 7.8 out of a total of 10.

5. The Land Rover Discovery has the off-road capabilities that are very high. The cabin is spacious with luxe material. It is excellent off road with an expansive cargo space. This vehicle is currently not ranked, but it is a very handsome vehicle that handles the road easily.

The SUV has taken over the popularity of the best cars in the industry. They are the preferred vehicle of most drivers and are not gender specific. Ladies enjoy driving the Sports Utility Vehicle as much, or more, as men. The luxury vehicles can take drivers from the golf course, or off-road activity, to a fancy evening with the most revered dignitaries.