Auto insurance

Car insurance is paramount!

Auto insurance is the second concern for most after the mortgage payment. In fact, every state requires that you have some form of auto insurance at a minimum. Auto insurance is so very important and can protect your finances and your family from financial ruin.

How much is car insurance?

Car insurance premiums vary and are often based on the year of the car as well as your age and your driving record. The younger you are, the insurance premiums are higher. There are several discounts you can get to lower your premiums based on your life. Some of the discounts offered by insurance companies are the following.

– Federal employee discounts
– Defensive driving course discounts
– Auto draft discounts

You have to consider your finances when buying insurance. Yes, there are things you need at a state minimum, but you need to be able to afford what you purchase. Our advice to you is to shop around and don’t be afraid to play the companies against each other, you are the customer, not them!

What types of car insurances are available to me?

Auto/car insurance has many facets to it. From liability to collision here are the general insurance options available to most customers.

Liability insurance:  Most states require this at a minimum and it protects you against the other party against injury or damage if you are found liable for the wreck.
Collision insurance: This helps pay for damage done by other objects like a fence you might crash into. This policy is not optional if you are financing a car, or leasing it.

Comprehensive insurance: This is a type of insurance that covers your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged by fire, flood etc.

Other insurance: This covers glass repair, roadside assistance and  towing.

I just brought a car and I need to buy insurance. How do I get it?

Here are three easy steps to get car insurance.

Step one: Open a web browser and get searching! The quotes won’t come to you, unless you put yourself out there. Some good search words are “new car insurance” and “first time insurance car protection”.

Step two: Compare, compare, compare! Don’t jump at the first quote look at what they are offering. If they want $150 a month for a 98 Nissan Sentra with full coverage, run as fast as you can. At this point in the game, talk to your friends and family so you can get their opinion on what would be the best course of action. There is no better advice than advice of the knowledgeable and educated to help you make sure you are getting the best car protection out there.

Step three: Sign on the dotted line (or E-Sign as most do nowadays). Once you have found the perfect plan for you, buy it and enjoy your new or old wheels! With car protection you can rest easy knowing your finances and it will protect your life in the event of an accident.