Disability Insurance

Living with a disability in itself feels like a prison sentence. Our once capable bodies are not as capable anymore, and it puts a damper on those who help care for us, as well as our finances. We find we are unable to work without pain or emergency room visits, and we can even have issues with doing simple things for ourselves. That is where disability insurance comes in. Having disability insurance helps us with our finances, gives us protection where we are vulnerable, and can a good chunk of stress off of us. These are the important things anyone who may qualify for disability insurance should know.

Who Qualifies for Disability?
A number of people may qualify for disability. These people include those living with a mental handicap, people with serious and often life-threatening health conditions, those who are unable to work and take care of themselves due to their health, and those who have been injured in a serious accident and can no longer work or even care for themselves. Disability can be given to those who are children, young adults, and the elderly. Depending on how severe your disability may be, age does not hinder your acceptance.

What Are the Perks of Disability Insurance?
Though living with a disability can be rough, there are perks to having disability insurance. Some of these include payments each month to help cover living and medical expenses, you are qualified to get Medicaid or Medicare insurance, and you get help with prescription drug coverage. Other benefits include more financial assistance such as food stamps, a reasonable co-pay for doctor visits, travel help, and much more. Your disability insurance is guaranteed protection and help for the rest of your life.

How Do I Apply for Disability?
There are several ways you may apply for disability insurance and benefits. These include setting up an appointment with your local social security office or filling out a disability claim online at the social security administration’s website. You may also have your physician help you start your claim for disability insurance, or you can hire a disability attorney and they help you start your claim and make sure you win your case and get your disability insurance benefits.

How Long Will My Disability Claim Take?
Disability claims can take anywhere from 30 days to a few months. Depending on if you are rejected and you ask for an appeal, your claim could be anywhere from six months or less. However, most claims take no more than sixty days to be accepted or rejected.

Having a disability can be a hardship to deal with. However, having disability insurance will help take the sting out of the situation. Disability insurance in itself is a protection from the hardships most deal with in life, and it gives you a chance to cut down your worrying about your finances. If you have a disability and are curious if you qualify for disability insurance, start your claim today. You’ll be glad you did.