What Are the Different Types of Car Insurance?

Various Types of Car Insurance

While getting a new car is typically a large purchase in and of itself, unfortunately, the expenses do not stop there. In addition to gas and maintenance, car insurance is a necessity when it comes to operating a vehicle in America. Being that there are so many different types of car insurance, it is easy for people to get confused and be unsure about which coverage is best for them and which one they need. However, after going over the basics in regards to the variety of plans that there are, it can prove to be infinitely easier when navigating the waters.

Firstly, the importance of coverage when it comes to vehicles is not only relevant because it’s the law, but because of the safety of the driver and other passengers. Having insurance makes sure that in the event of a car crash or other type of accident, the damages for the vehicle, and parties involved are covered. With this being said, most companies have a variety of different insurances, that cover several different types of incidents.

One of the most common types of insurance regarding vehicles is a collision, which mainly covers the damages to the car if it is in a crash with another vehicle or object. This is important, because if one is leasing or financing a car, most companies may require this. Even if the individual owns the car, collision insurance is great because it prevents the member from having to pay excessive amounts out of pocket when it comes to fixing or replacing their car.

The second type of insurance is comprehensive, which covers mostly all other damages to a car that do not involve a crash. This includes theft, damage caused by weather, and vandalism. In most cases, this coverage is not required, but it still may be a good idea depending on the area in which the party resides.

Personal injury protection is car insurance that helps to cover medical expenses as a result of car accidents. Since medical bills can get pretty costly, this is a good idea in general, just to be safe. This type usually covers expenses regardless of who is at fault in the accident, however, there are specific insurances to cover the victims. Bodily injury liability and property damage liability are coverages for car and personal damage expenses that a driver causes to another person. However, in the event that the driver at fault was not covered by insurance, there is also uninsured motorist insurance, which will help the victim cover costs and expenses if the one who caused the accident does not have insurance to cover it themselves.

Overall, insurance is something that everyone who owns and operates a car needs to have, simply to protect themselves financially in the event that something happens. While there are a huge variety of different types of coverage offered, companies are extremely willing to work with the applying party, to make sure that the plan they get is one that best adheres to them, and their situation when it comes to car usage, and finances in totality.