Plan Your Exciting Trip with These Travel Credit Cards

Are you looking for a travel credit card? Well, this is the right place for you to read about two card options which may be suitable for your travel needs. This article deals with some of the best Credit cards for traveling. Let’s take a look at these travel credit cards.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card:

This card is great for people who want to earn airline miles as well as a large amount of bonus points. Cardholders can earn up to 50,000 bonus points by spending $4,000 with the card within the first three months of membership. This card also offers cardholders 2X the points for traveling and dining expenses and offers 1 point for all other types of purchases. The wow factor of this card is that it’s made of metal and not plastic!

Capital One Venture Card:

This card is a great option because it offers the best flat-rate rewards. Cardholders can enjoy the one-time bonus which allows them to earn 50,000 points by spending $3,000 with the card within the first three months of membership. It also allows cardholders to earn 2X the miles for every dollar spent and this offer is unlimited. When you pay and stay at select hotels using the Venture Card, you can earn 10X the miles for every dollar spent.

Both credit card options have an annual membership fee of $95 that should be considered, however, the benefits of each card when used correctly, more than make up for it.