Is It Worth Getting A Store Credit Card?

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Do you like to save money, and be rewarded for shopping, or have less than perfect credit? If so, then a custom store credit card may be for you. 

Store cards allow for establishing or reestablishing personal credit with substantial perks and money saving options along the way. Some present reward points, others offer percentage savings, many offer no annual fees along with financing options. 

Generally, two types of retail credit cards are available: branded cards and co-branded cards. Co-branded cards partner with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover which offer more challenging qualifications. Branded cards tend to have less rigorous credit approval conditions, are tailored to specific retailer stores, and cover an array of different purchasing needs from online shopping to home repair and everything in between. 

Listed are just a select few of the custom cards available and their exclusive rewards offered. 

  • Amazon Store credit card awards: 
    • o five percent cash back on all buys made through year-round for Amazon Prime members; 
    • o Alternatively, you may opt for the six, twelve, or twenty-four months zero percent Annual Percentage Rate financing; and 
    • o Amazon also offers a Credit Builder store card, which allows for future qualifications on the Amazon Store card, after fulfillment of the terms in the Credit Builder account. 


  • Walmart’s 3.2.1 Save Rewards Program grants: 
    • o three percent cash back on goods bought through; 
    • o two percent cash back on fuel;  
    • o one percent cash back on all other purchases using Walmart’s retail card; and 
    • the day of opening, you save $25 off $75. 
    • Further benefits include financing options, free access to your Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) credit score, and cash back of up to $40 during in-store checkout.


  • The REDcard allows savings of: 
    • five percent on all items bought, including clearances, at Target or; and 
    • Ten percent savings through most Target Subscriptions. 
    • Baby Subscription participants earn fifteen percent on selected items.
    • Further deals: exclusive extras of gifts and offers; early access to products and promotions; free standard and occasional free two-day shipping through; and 30 additional days to return items bought at retail locations or dot com stores.


  • T.J. Maxx and their affiliated stores offer TJX Rewards, 
    • which combine ten percent off your first online or in-store purchase; and 
    •  five percent back and exclusive invites to private shopping events. 


  • Kohl’s Chargecard adds savings of: 
    • 30 percent off the first purchase made using your new account; 
    • an additional fifteen percent off toward a future purchase with the arrival of the new card; and 
    • at least twelve special deals throughout the year. 


  • Lowe’s Advantage Card benefits, 
    • five percent off everyday purchases and custom qualified orders; 
    • six-month special financing on merchandise of $299 or more; and 
    • project financing of 36, 60, or 84 months for items of $2,000 or more. 
    • Lowe’s also offers different promotionyear-round, including extended special funding and added savings.

Not only do store credit cards offer immediate value but, according to an article on myFICO, ”opening new accounts responsibly and paying them off on time will raise your credit score on the long term.”