Types of Credit Cards

Many people own one or more credit cards. When foreign trips are made regularly or when people make a lot of purchases over the internet, having a credit card can be advantageous.  In addition, a credit card offers the benefit of a staggered payment and a payment that takes place after the purchase. There are several different credit cards in circulation and comparing credit cards is always advisable before selecting one.  Below you can read more about some of the various credit cards that are available on the market.

American Express

American Express is accepted worldwide. So, you can often pay with it abroad, especially in hotels and restaurants that accept credit cards. This credit card is characterized by good service and simple management options by means of telephone or internet. Not everyone can obtain an American Express simply because a minimum annual income and credit score are required. This applies even to the simplest version of this credit card. Most payments you make with this card gives you points that you can redeem for different items.


With Mastercard, you can pay almost anywhere in the world where credit cards are accepted. This card is very widely accepted, even when purchasing via the internet. You receive an invoice every month. For purchases made via the internet that you pay using a Mastercard, you are insured if a package is damaged or doesn’t arrive.

Visa Card 

With a Visa Card you can pay worldwide for example on holiday or during a business trip. With this card provider you have a good chance of getting accepted by one of their credit products. You are also insured by Visa Card when you are dealing with purchases that you want to return due to defects or similar issues. Anyone who has no overdue debts and a steady income is eligible for this card.

Prepaid Credit Cards

This credit card cannot be evenly compared with the above cards and is mainly sought after when there is no possibility to obtain a credit card from the providers above. This is also the reason why these cards have been put into circulation. This way, people who do not normally qualify for a credit card from the big providers can obtain a prepaid credit card. With this card, a payment is always made in advance and there is no possibility of being in the red.