SUVs vs. Crossovers

The difference between the crossover and the SUV is not commonly known. Despite this, there are many comparisons between the two automobiles. The build of the crossover is very different from that of true SUVs. Both vehicles offer different benefits and features from the other. The vehicles have different weights, towing capacities. sizes, and MPG. Buyers interested in purchasing an SUV or a crossover should compare the two vehicles to determine which one will suit their needs because the SUV and the Crossover are made for different situations and conditions. The SUV may be better for tough terrain, while the crossover may be better for urban driving. It is important to understand the differences before committing to a vehicle that may not work for the intended purposes.


The SUV platform is very similar to that of a truck. The base is a sturdy metal frame that holds the transmission, engine, axles, and suspension. The SUV also has a body-on-frame approach to manufacturing that means the actual body of the vehicle is a separate unit from the frame of the vehicle. Overall, however, the frames of this vehicle are typically based on how the manufacturer builds their trucks. In comparison, the crossover uses a more car-like approach to manufacturing. they have the frame and the body collectively as one unit, called a unibody.


The truck frame of the SUV makes the vehicle resistant to twisting, good for off-road or rough conditions. The two-piece frame makes the vehicle easier to assemble and and take apart. This fact has two benefits: the vehicle is cheaper to manufacture, and the vehicle is easier to repair. A typical SUV will often have four-wheel-drive and low-range 4×4 gears. This allows the vehicle to maintain traction suitable for wet, snowy, or off-road situations. In addition, all of these characteristics of the SUV make it a good vehicle for towing trailers, campers,equipment, and more.

The car platform of the crossover allows many benefits. In comparison to the truck frame, the car frame allows for a much lighter vehicle. The low weight of the crossover makes it much lighter on gas, allowing for more miles per gallon. The car frame also allows for more passengers to comfortably fit in the crossover. Crossovers also utilize the feature of a crumple zone, making it a safer vehicle. Many Crossovers come with four-wheel-drive with an all-wheel-drive option. The small car frame of the crossover allows for great maneuverability, making it an excellent vehicle for freeway driving and and parking in busy areas.


Some of the top rater SUVs on the market are the Jeep Wrangler, ToyotaRunner, Cadillac Escalade, Infiniti QX, Lexus LX, and the Toyota Sequoia. The prices for a new SUV will generally start at $30,000 and up depending on the company and features.
Some of the top-rated crossovers include the Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4, Subaru Forester, Jeep Renegade, and the Chevy Equinox. Prices for a new crossover can start at $20,000 and up.