How to Get a Small Personal Loan

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Personal Loans can be used to finance car purchases, home improvements, mortgages and to help pay off student loans among other things.


Different Types of Small Personal Loans

Some of the most common types of loans include: unsecured loans, secured loans, variable rate loans, fixed rate personal loans, lines of credit, installment loans and cash advances among others. Each type of loan has its own unique requirements that you have to cater to before getting approved.


Where to Get Personal Loans

There are many financial institutions you can get a personal loan from. Credit unions, banks and online lenders are all among those who are more than willing to offer funds to qualified borrowers. Shopping around and comparing the various financial institutions can allow you to find better deals when looking for loans.

Personal loans are fairly simple to secure as the process is straightforward. You are however advised to shop around since the interest rates and terms of payment will vary from one company to the next.


Credit Score

Financial institutions use credit reports to determine who qualifies for a personal loan and who doesn’t. With bad credit, it will be difficult to secure loans from most lenders. Those who succeed in securing a loan with bad credit often end up paying more in interest rates compared to those with good credit. To maintain or improve your score, make a habit of paying off existing loans on-time by developing and using a reliable payment plan.


Benefits of Personal Loans

In addition to generally being easy to secure, personal loans can provide funds for both emergency situations and leisure. You can use them to fund medical bills, pay for vacations or make huge purchases. With a good payment plan, loans can be used as often as you like. Making payments on time improves the confidence of lenders and improves your credit score. With a good score, you will find it easier to get approved and also pay less in interest rates. Basically, a good credit score improves the overall experience of borrowing.


Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Personal Loan

Before settling for any of the lenders you come across, make sure you find out as much as you can about them and their loan terms. Some of the questions to ask include:

– What is the interest rate?

– What is the loan term?

– What is the origination fee?

– What is the APR?

– What is the late fee for payments?

– What else in included in the loan?

– Is the interest rate fixed or variable?

You need to be comfortable with the terms and conditions associated with the personal loan before settling. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can.


When to Avoid Personal Loans

Personal loans are good for many things but without proper planning, you might end up suffering loss. Avoid making unnecessary purchases with loans, especially for things that you feel like you want but don’t necessarily need. Also avoid applying for new loans when you have outstanding ones in the name of rebuilding your credit because you’ll end up paying more in interest rates.