Credit Card Rewards

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Card Cards with Rewards for You Now

Credit card companies issue many types of rewards cards in order to acquire more customers. These cards all either provide cash back or some other rewards program and usually require a good credit history to qualify for one. With a rewards card, you can earn extra points or money during your purchases. Simply use your rewards card when you shop in order to participate in the rewards program.

How to Use These Cards

Try to use your card for as much of your normal expenses as possible. Different rewards are available, depending on your lifestyle. You can collect points for free travel, books, music, film, or any other gift vouchers from leading traders, etc. Different types of these cards exist. For those who want to get discounts on gas there are cards that can help them earn rewards on all their gas purchases at certain stations. For those, who travel a lot, travel rewards programs are the best choice.


There are rewards cards for frequent flyer programs. Earned miles can be used to travel on many of the major airlines such as American, Delta, United, Continental, etc. Brand-specific rewards cards are only useful if you are a loyal user of the brand. For example, the Sony Platinum Visa Card is ideal for those interested in electronics, music, games, entertainment – in Sony Rewards. The Subaru Platinum MasterCard from Chase is a rewards credit card ideal for those who plan to purchase a Subaru vehicle or Subaru products and services, such as receive regular maintenance (such as oil changes) for your car from an authorized Subaru dealer.

Using Rewards Cards

Rewards cards typically have higher interest rates than other cards. It is not a good idea to use a rewards card if you can’t afford the higher interest rate. But you can find some cards with competitive interest rates, too. Be careful, because there are some drawbacks about these cards. Always read all the details, not only the highlighted parts of the text when you research a particular card. Sometimes it’s difficult to receive the rewards, and/or there can also be other types of restrictions or an annual fee for enrollment.  Make sure to thoroughly read the entire application!

Features of Rewards Cards

Rewards cards usually feature a low or 0% introductory APR on purchases and balance transfers for the first few months. Note that the best part of the deal is the introductory period, so make sure that the conditions will remain fit for you once this period expires. For those who pay their balance in full during the grace period a card with low interest rates for purchases and balance transfers can be great. These cards offer even more special benefits and privileges, such as lost and stolen card protection, reporting, emergency cash, card replacement, and car rental insurance. Although some rewards cards can get a bit cloudy, the benefits make them an attractive option to many. If a rewards card sounds appealing, apply for a card and take part in a rewards program today.