Calculating the Auto Finance Amount


Figuring out the total cost of a car including interest is the purpose of an auto finance calculator. Like many financial services today, an automated calculator is available over the internet. There are several factors when determining the total cost of vehicle ownership. More expensive vehicles will be paid over a greater period of time, and insurance is always higher for more expensive vehicles.

An automated car financing service can figure out several details, but the final calculation boils down to the loan negotiated with the provider and the vehicle insurance provider. The most accurate calculators are either familiar with the lending institution or are offered by the institution providing the loan. It is more difficult for a calculator to determine car insurance because that depends on the area where you live and the insurance provider.

The best savings come from reducing the loan amount with a down payment. Additionally, a used car can be less expensive to insure, and a car that’s completely paid for can opt for partial coverage. The downside of used cars is that they can have unknown issues. Used cars need additional maintenance but can last for a long time once properly tuned.

To get an idea of the total cost, a loan of $50 thousand might yield an interest of $3,242 over five years if the interest rate is 2.5 percent. Such a low rate is possible because the vehicle itself is collateral, and the car is also protected by full insurance. In other words, the loan is secured by insurance and vehicles with loans often require full insurance by law. The interest rate also depends on your personal credit score and history, and the government interest rate.

An auto finance calculator looks either at average loan rates in the market or else uses specific data such as credit score and years as a driver. The estimated rate is seldom accurate, and the only way to know for sure is to examine different lenders. Some lenders will assess more risk while other lenders might assess less risk. Banks with a longstanding account sometimes offer the best auto loans.

This is actually a good reason to look far and wide for a great bank. Many smaller towns only have a few banks from which to choose, but there are online banks with excellent service. Going to a nearby town to create an account with a reputable bank might save money in the long run. Banks are not just safe places to keep money, they also give discounts on loans to established customers.

Car insurance is often a bigger expense than interest. It pays to be modest and avoid luxury cars because cash value ties directly into the cost of full insurance. As a vehicle depreciates in value, it becomes a less attractive target to vandals. This also contributes to a lower insurance rate. The most important factor is having a safe driving record. It pays to shop for reasonable insurance because this expense is never eliminated. At best, it decreases as the car matures.