Benefits of Buying a New Car

Why You Need a New Car (It’s More Affordable than You Think)

The experience of owning a car is part of the American dream. We all want to own a really cool automobile and for many of us, the thought of buying one means buying used. However, there are a great many reasons why a new car is actually a much better deal.


Let’s start with finances — it seems logical that buying a used car will save you a lot of money. That’s what everyone seems to say. It’s true that it may seem that it costs more initially to buy new cars as opposed to used ones. However, there are often much better options when it comes to the finances involved in buying a new car as opposed to a used car.

A factory-fresh car often carries much lower interest rates when you borrow the money to buy it. Let’s face it — used automobiles can be a crapshoot. People may have abused the car and they may have even washed the title to hide accident or flood damage. This is a factor that banks absolutely must take into account when they are thinking about financing automobiles that aren’t fresh from the dealer’s parking lot.

However, when you buy new, you know that you are getting a factory-fresh vehicle which has no previous owner abuse to worry about. That’s why so many dealers are able to offer 0% financing when compared with buying used.

Fuel Efficiency

Another thing to consider is fuel efficiency. Even if you are considering automobiles that are as few as five years old, over time, they may well cost you significantly more than a brand-new car. Thanks to ever-stricter emissions requirements, newer cars tend to have much higher fuel efficiency than older ones. Heck, many newer cars even use a hybrid system meaning that they stretch your fuel infinitely further than older cars could ever hope to do.


It’s no secret that technology moves at lightning speed. Just ten years ago, it was quite common for new vehicles to come equipped standard with a CD player and no GPS. This meant balancing a cell phone precariously somewhere on the dash or hoping that suction cup thingamajig does what it’s supposed to. Both of these options were accidents just waiting to happen. Today of course, technology has advanced to the point where an AI is often standard in your vehicle, never mind satellite radio and GPS.

All of this is to say nothing of the advanced safety technology that most new vehicles come with. Forget cruise control. Most new vehicles come with all kinds of technology including a rearview monitor and some limited form of self-driving which allows you to relax a little more and enjoy your morning drive, instead of gripping the wheel and hoping some crazy person doesn’t hit you.

Bottom Line

A new car is a sound investment which can pay dividends for years to come. While it may seem more expensive at first blush, the truth of the matter is that a brand-new car is a great idea which can actually save you money in the long run. Not to mention that you get that new car smell…